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Outside Yoga

Everyone wants to be outside! Groovy Lotus has a BEAUTIFUL back yard in a park-like setting, where yoga will take place whenever weather permits. That's right, outside yoga on a flat surface out in the sun and breeze with the birds chirping...Click Here for a specific schedule: 

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Yoga ANYONE can practice, BEGIN WHERE YOU ARE NOW...You don’t have to be anything you are not. Groovy Lotus is a sensitive creative nurturing studio..We cater to those who are looking for a smaller studio, in which one can ask questions and not feel uncomfortable. Groovy Lotus is a fun studio, merging music and yoga in a playful way. AWAKENING IS GROOVY 

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Creative yoga classes for all levels that will inspire  your soul!

Namaste! My name is Lisa

I am so grateful to be able to share with you classes that I have put together carefully, with love and Sankalpa. Please contact me for anything you do not see or any questions you may have.

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