Summer and Yoga

Summer is the perfect time to begin, continue or explore your yoga routine. Most yoga studios find a dramatic decrease in studio attendance.  Summer is the time to be outside...but so is yoga..Practicing outside is THE BEST...

Groovy Lotus Yoga has OUTSIDE YOGA ALL SUMMER...

We have a beautiful backyard park...Groovy Lotus Park... Check out our offerings....Remember, all classes, depending on weather are outdoors, here in Groovy Lotus Backyard Park..outside3jpg

Bring extra water, a small towel and a mat to outside yoga classes. If you like to have extra cushioning, bring an extra towel.  Bring sunblock and/or a hat/ sunglasses. 

We practice early to avoid the sun's heat, but take advantage of its strength and beauty.
Hope to see you on the mat at Groovy Lotus Yoga, whether we are at the beach or the studio!