What is a Yoga Journey and How Do I Begin One??

What is a Yoga Journey?Simply put...it is a path choice, to become calm, still and learn how to yoke the breath with the mind and body as a way of life or as a life's guide.  There are times in our lives, when many things change, fall apart, or we simply go through a crisis or ordeal.  We realize at that time that we need something bigger than us...something to change the daily routine of fear and doubt, anxiety and/or depression in our lives.  Many make decisions that further harm them, such as drugs, entering into relationships that are troubled, or other behaviors that yield negative consequences.  Another option is the YOGA JOURNEY.  How do I begin one? WHY do I begin one? OK...fair questions...it can be what you want it to be, JUST LIKE YOGA... What are your goals and intentions?  Some I have heard/experienced/helped with before:  I am starting over in life, and want to discover my best self....I am fresh out of an abusive relationship and need to re-examine my priorities, what I want in a mate, etc... I want to live a deeper, more fulfilling life physically and emotionally...So many reasons!!!   How do I begin one? You can do this in several ways:
1`. Identify what in your life you would like to change. Sit quietly in a beautiful place, outdoors, or whatever resonates with you, and ponder this...some categories?
Physical...how do you feel? Are you comfortable with "you"? Emotional...What makes you happy, sad, fearful, proud, excited...Spiritual...Do you feel part of something bigger? Are you spiritually stuck? Are you longing to be "awakened" to your truest self and live in your authentic truth?...

2. Find a beginner class. Look around at libraries, studios, all places in your local community and try a BEGINNER class. At
GROOVY LOTUS YOGA AND MUSIC,  we focus on extremely small classes (1-5) and a beginner/early intermediate level.  A good teacher will always provide more challenging postures for students more familiar with yoga, however A BIG MISTAKE MADE BY MANY YOGA STUDIOS... is that they unknowingly intimidate the beginner by STARTING AT AN INTERMEDIATE LEVEL AND THEN SHOWING "EASIER" modifications, unintentionally making the student feel "less than"...not the yoga way. Find a studio or program your feel comfortable in.  Try an online class if you feel intimidated. Reach out to an instructor you have heard of or researched.  Many instructors love to meet clients through messenger, answering questions about yoga and how it can work for them. My email address is: lisa@groovylotus.yoga. Feel free to email me with any questions, even if you are looking at a different studio or are not geographically close.  

3. Read, ask, watch videos on MEDITATION.  There is no yoga without meditation...Meditation is what yoga is all about...that and the BREATH.  You can sit still, meditate and do yoga, but you cannot do yoga poses and call it yoga without focusing on breath and meditation. THIS IS THE TRUTH THAT EVERY YOGA TEACHER WILL AGREE TO...

4. Start a daily routine...Start small and add to it every few days to a week. Start with sitting still for a few minutes a day. Take an
INTRO TO MEDITATION class if possible. Look into meditation for beginners. Add this first. 5 minutes a day...After a few days, you can add a simple SUN SALUTATION ROUTINE. This will take about 5 minutes. That totals 10 minutes a day at first...The rewards will be exponentially higher...This routine will alleviate morning aches and pains, increase flexibility, induce endorphins, and reduce anxiety/depression, if done regularly.  

5. At some point, join a community of like minded souls...YOU NEED THIS...We all need to be away from the negative energy that drains us..You really do need an enlightened community of dharma seekers to share the journey with, to keep you in a bubble of positive, empathetic people who understand that life is to be experienced in the present, and with reverence for the self, and the way we all must co-exist, love and relate to one another.  

I hope this helps you in your search for something...Please contact me at lisa@groovylotus.yoga or message me on Facebook/instagram. 
Lisa Pellicone Arce
Groovy Lotus Yoga and Music