Lisa Arce

Lisa is a free spirit who is on a journey to find her true source of divinity and oneness that connects all things.Before  opening Groovy Lotus, with the intention of fusing the arts and yoga, Lisa has explored many areas of life. This journey has taken her through motherhood, (three children and two grandchildren), becoming an NYS certified Social Studies teacher, a musician/vocalist, and a yoga/meditation instructor.  Through all of these endeavors, Lisa's mission is to connect with others, share positive energy and serve in the ways that she might be able to..Lisa loves nature, arts, music, yoga and sharing positive energy and universal love. Check out her other website at

Carolyn Davies  L'Hommedieu

Carolyn Davies has been immersed in the Energy Healing Arts for almost 2 decades. She first began learning the healing arts at Pathways to Health, where she learned AnRa Healing from the Heart. From there Carolyn began to learn Reiki, learning the first two levels and then becomming a Reiki Master. Not content with only those two modalities, she then studied and became a Master Of LaHo Chi & Angel Light Healing which is an ancient type of energetic healing which works from the aspect closest to God Consciousness. LaHo Chi itself is a high vibrational Healing that allows the client to have a deep relaxation where healing and transformaiton can take place. Carolyn has also studied Hypnotherapy and is well adept and leading healing and calming meditations to help her clients to relax. Carolyns' years of Knowledge and Practicing these healing modalities helps her to teach her clients that Energy is something that we all posess and it is very Healing when a client learns how to use their energy in a positive way. By learning the various methods of helping people with their energy bodies and how they are functioning, Clients usually feel a profound and positive change in the way they are feel emotionally and spiritually and also embrace Happiness in their lives. Carolyn is an Ordained Minister through Pathways of Light, she performs weddings and baptisms and also does Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling sessions for those in need. Other than being a Mother and Grandmother, Carolyn has been performing Music for most of her Life. She is an accomplished vocalist having sung with the Long Island Philharmonic Chorus and also Touring Canada and Europe with the South Bay Chamber Singers, Currently Carolyn is the Lead Singer of a cover band named One2Many who performs in Venues on Long Island throughout the year. A sometime artist Carolyn also loves to draw and uses her love of art to light up the lives of people around her and especially her Grandchildren.

John Nagle

Johnny embarked on this career and has had success, performing and recording with many national musicians, who are now helping him record his new album!  A passionate advocate for local original music, Johnny  has always wanted to help those in the music industry get their own music out there. After several successful "field trips" with young musicians, John decided to put his experience into an inexpensive set of classes that will be an immeasurable help to those not understanding how the music industry has changed.

Betty-Lynn Tims, Guest Instructor

Betty Lynn Tims has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 20 years and maintains a deep personal practice, holding weekly and quarterly retreats. She is a registered yoga teacher, RYT, through Yoga Alliance and a certified meditation teacher through Transformation Meditation. She teaches yoga and meditation in local yoga studios and fitness centers on Long Island. She has a background in education and provides educational consulting on integrating mindfulness techniques into the classroom through BOCES.