Teens and Pre-Teens

Girl Scout Troops, Small private groups, or 6 Class Series...Groovy Lotus Yoginis ....

The benefits of learning Yoga and Meditation for kids

From our earliest memories as human beings, we are attempting to investigate the world, relationships, our bodies, minds, souls...Yoga is not a religion. It is the science of mindfulness and presence. Learning to be still has great value. The practice of yoga, breathing, meditating and poses can be introduced to children through song, conversation, games, stories and movement.  Lisa Arce is A NYS certified teacher as well as a YTT200.  With over 25 years of experience with children ages 4-17, part of Lisa's Dharma is to serve this community by teaching them these concepts, that adults are now flocking to... Imagine if we were brought up with mindfulness and presence.