Our Dharma at Groovy Lotus


My Sankalpa is deeply rooted in my Dharma, or my spiritual/life purpose, deeply rooted in my soul's memory.  It has always been to use creativity to help people get things they want and need. Music and yoga are tools of my Dharma. My Sankalpa is to help serve all who want to explore yoga, spirituality and the way music can help take us there.


The guiding idea that we are all part of the oneness, the supreme consciousness and that the only solution is unconditional love and support for mankind and our entire universe, is so comforting. We are all one, and can't even begin to understand what that means while we are splintered into these physical bodies.  However, we can act as if we remember, and live according to principles so much larger than our own, Ishvara Pranidhana.

8 Limbs of Yoga

Since my yoga certification training, I have made a conscious effort to "Live the Limbs" of yoga.  These are 8 ways of living that enable the mind, body and soul to prepare itself for the awakening of an elevated consciousness.  They start with being kind to others and yourself, and go into great detail about the depth of what ideas like "nonviolence" and "honesty" really mean beyond the obvious definitions. Patangali's Yoga Sutras explain in great detail and are a transformational experience.

When I am singing, it is yoga, When I practice yoga, my heart sings.

Dharma (personal duty to all) and Sankalpa (intention) are concepts that I experience daily, as I continue my path in this lifetime.  I have always been singing, drawn toward the creative side of things. Yoga came into my life when I was searching for ways to meditate. Sure enough, the 8 limbs of yoga spoke to my soul, my dharma, and my intention for living my best life.  I have been a vocalist/musician and performer for most of my adult life, and have also been a teacher for 25 years and counting. Yoga is a way to connect the body and breath to the spirit and calm/still the mind to the point that you can FEEL and EXPERIENCE the energy and magic around all of us.  We all have these gifts. It is my intention to yoke all of my favorite things to the practice of yoga...creativity, live and tracked music, themes of nature and of seasonal appropriateness, classical yoga traditions both in asana and in philosophy/meditation  as told in the Sutras and the Gita, and in creating a yoga bubble in which the class feels they can explore any or all of these paths toward awakening the spirit and healing the mind, body and soul.