Begin Your Yoga Journey Here, at Groovy Lotus

Are you curious what Yoga can do for you and your life? Looking for greater peace of mind? Begin a yoga journey.

Your Yoga Journey 

 Perhaps you have always wanted to try yoga for its physical benefits but have been intimidated to take a studio class. Perhaps you have been looking for a deeper philosophy something to explain the craziness of this world and of our minds… Perhaps there has been a crisis in your life or a rearranging of things you thought you knew and you are seeking answers… Perhaps you are looking for something more… All of these reasons might initiate your desire to begin a YOGA JOURNEY

Yoga..for the MIND, BODY, SOUL

 Begin by identifying what you want to focus on… Yoga classes with flowing poses, would you like to start with meditation? What resonates with you? What do you find a need in your life for? Most people come to yoga from one of three perspectives, wanting more physical stretching, wanting a still, calm mind, or looking for spiritual awakening…  identify what you want and need without imagining any obstacles 

What has led you to this moment?